so much good news today!

Today was such a special day and a day for our kids to remember for the rest of their lives! I love his call to action for all of us to wake up and get in there and work. It was just truly inspiring and I want to do my part.

And there was more good news, you may not have been on the edge of your seat as me and many of my friends that have small stores that carry unique childrens goods, but the CPSIA Act (Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act) won sixth place on Change.org. Which gave it a spot and put it in front of the new administration! This is very exciting as I honestly wasn't sure if we were going to be able to continue bringing you unique and handmande toys and clothing collections with the heavy restrictions that this act had posed on childrens businesses. The handmade toys and clothing that we so proudly carry at Nonchalant Mom was going to have to have a series to testing that was honestly too expensive for theses small businesses to stay alive as well as too expensive for me to keep my business alive. The act is going to be looked at with the handmade and small businesses in mind, ensuring that the testing is placed on items that it is meant to focus on and that is goods made in large factories and part of huge production. You can watch, and vote, to see how this evolves at change.org. (and in the future you can check the website: change.gov)

I also heard from my good friend Robert Redford (yes, in my dreams he is my good friend) who together with the NRDC has overturned a last minute Bush act of destruction--"On Saturday night, a federal judge ruled in our favor and blocked the Bush Administration from proceeding with the lease sale of 110,000 acres of Utah's Redrock wilderness to oil and gas companies." If you want to be a part of the NRDC you can join and get emails from 'Robert' as well! (it's always thrilling to find his emails in your inbox).

I have a feeling there is so much news ahead, we are going to have to hold onto our hats and watch to see what Mr. Obama has in store for us!

you can review the handmade toys alliance press release here