breakfast you can be proud of....

The other day I was sitting down to breakfast and my husband and I had to laugh at our 'very different' plates! (above)

From time to time I like to make a pot of Rice Cream, I have talked about the recipe before many times, because of it's healing properties but honestly, it's something that you can make and eat once a month just to be in tip top energy and have a nice clean system. Rice Cream is well known in the macrobiotic community for healing many things
(everyone has their own personal slight variation but it's usually basically the same ingredients). I know someone who used it in conjunction with other things (in this case she swears by Aloe Vera) to heal cancer, but rice cream can be used to energize your system as well. Honestly it's not very 'fun' for kids and it's a little hard to make it exciting, but you should go for it and see if you can get them to like it and then please tell us about it!!--I think we will call this "The Kids Rice Cream Challenge" please write in and the winner will receive a kids Lucky Fish t-shirt of your choice for the winning concoction!

To make rice cream:
3/4 cup of organic brown rice (rinsed three times)
3/4 cup organic barley (or any of your favorite grain, millet is great too!)
3 umeboshi plums
1 piece of kombu seaweed
cook ingredients in a large pot of filtered or spring water (2 quarts? or so..)
stir just once in the beginning and cook for 5 hours (without stirring) on super low flame (use a flame-tamer if you have one). When it's done, skim off the top with a ladel, this is essentially rice milk. If you have small children drinking from a bottle you can share it with them together with some water. But for yourself you can drink this like a tea twice a day, just drop in a grain or two of salt.

The rest is rice cream! This you can put into a container (it will last up to three days, refrigerated) and eat it for two of your meals a day. I like to add steamed carrots or kale and sunflower seeds or sesame seeds but you can add what you want... a very delicious way to eat it is to make a pot of adzuki beans and then purée in a food mill or food processor, I put a big dollop on top and YUMMM this is so very delicious (it almost makes it into a dessert for me!).

This will be a big system cleanout...you will see what I mean when you do it. You will also notice that it will even clean the pan that you cook it in! My husband has a lot of words for it... like 'slop' or 'sludge' or 'road tar'... but I love it!
I find it hard to 'fast' so this is much easier for me and I happen to really love rice cream, I think you will too, it just becomes something that you will crave!

If you are cooking this specifically for babies or kids you should only use 1-2 umeobshi plums and a smaller piece of kombu seaweed. we used it for our son when he had trouble with Eczema when he was very small. And remember the Challenge
-- "The Kids Rice Cream Challenge" please write in and the winner will receive a kids Lucky Fish t-shirt of your choice for the winning concoction! (which will end at the end of March 2009 so that you have time to try some things!) so use the comment section to make any and all of your suggestions!

Good Luck and Good Eating!