breakfast you can be proud of....

The other day I was sitting down to breakfast and my husband and I had to laugh at our 'very different' plates! (above)

From time to time I like to make a pot of Rice Cream, I have talked about the recipe before many times, because of it's healing properties but honestly, it's something that you can make and eat once a month just to be in tip top energy and have a nice clean system. Rice Cream is well known in the macrobiotic community for healing many things
(everyone has their own personal slight variation but it's usually basically the same ingredients). I know someone who used it in conjunction with other things (in this case she swears by Aloe Vera) to heal cancer, but rice cream can be used to energize your system as well. Honestly it's not very 'fun' for kids and it's a little hard to make it exciting, but you should go for it and see if you can get them to like it and then please tell us about it!!--I think we will call this "The Kids Rice Cream Challenge" please write in and the winner will receive a kids Lucky Fish t-shirt of your choice for the winning concoction!

To make rice cream:
3/4 cup of organic brown rice (rinsed three times)
3/4 cup organic barley (or any of your favorite grain, millet is great too!)
3 umeboshi plums
1 piece of kombu seaweed
cook ingredients in a large pot of filtered or spring water (2 quarts? or so..)
stir just once in the beginning and cook for 5 hours (without stirring) on super low flame (use a flame-tamer if you have one). When it's done, skim off the top with a ladel, this is essentially rice milk. If you have small children drinking from a bottle you can share it with them together with some water. But for yourself you can drink this like a tea twice a day, just drop in a grain or two of salt.

The rest is rice cream! This you can put into a container (it will last up to three days, refrigerated) and eat it for two of your meals a day. I like to add steamed carrots or kale and sunflower seeds or sesame seeds but you can add what you want... a very delicious way to eat it is to make a pot of adzuki beans and then purée in a food mill or food processor, I put a big dollop on top and YUMMM this is so very delicious (it almost makes it into a dessert for me!).

This will be a big system cleanout...you will see what I mean when you do it. You will also notice that it will even clean the pan that you cook it in! My husband has a lot of words for it... like 'slop' or 'sludge' or 'road tar'... but I love it!
I find it hard to 'fast' so this is much easier for me and I happen to really love rice cream, I think you will too, it just becomes something that you will crave!

If you are cooking this specifically for babies or kids you should only use 1-2 umeobshi plums and a smaller piece of kombu seaweed. we used it for our son when he had trouble with Eczema when he was very small. And remember the Challenge
-- "The Kids Rice Cream Challenge" please write in and the winner will receive a kids Lucky Fish t-shirt of your choice for the winning concoction! (which will end at the end of March 2009 so that you have time to try some things!) so use the comment section to make any and all of your suggestions!

Good Luck and Good Eating!


lesley said...

I will try this, it sounds very similar to something we make our kids love.

Jen said...

I am wondering about the umeboshi plums and the ability to find it. Where in a store would you find those? I am game for something like this. My kids would never know what hit them!

nonchalant mom said...

hello Jen,

Umeboshi plums are available at any co-op or also at whole foods and the like, in the japanese section. They are usually sold by a company called Eden and they come in plums or paste (I like the plums). You can also get them (and lots of good stuff) at the Kushi institute store at: www.kushistore.com. also, I did a blog long ago on umeboshi plums so you can learn more about them if you search 'umeboshi plums' on my blog... I LOVE them and use them for everything.
Good Luck! and let us know how it goes!


Sara Carter said...

for the "rice cream challenge" why not bank on the term CREAM? Put a few drops of stevia in the mix and make it a super desert for kids that want something sweet. Or instead of stevia a swirl of drizzled agave nectar just before serving with a few sprinkles of dried organic maple sugar for crunch... yummy!

karen said...

this looks yummy... I'm going to try it... thanks for the post!

sylvie said...

I purchased for the 1st time the umeboshi plums because you mention it so many times, I gotta try it, and to my surprise ! Yummy!! Thank you. So now I`m on to the rice cream tomorrow and will add a bit of caroub and see how it turns out.

Nicole said...

carina- did it help your son's eczema? my son has a mild case and i thought i might try it. how old was your son when you gave it to him? my son is 10 months. can't wait to try it myself as well. thanks! nicole

kurara said...

This sounds very much like congee which i grew up with. My parents would make it with fish stew, salted eggs, sliced meats and/or dried scallop. I love to top it off with chopped green beans, scrambled eggs and pine nuts. oh, and a spot of sesame oil. yum.

jellie said...

Funny that you call it rice cream, I've heard it called congee, porridge, etc. I grew up on a Vietnamese chicken/fishsauce/ginger version (called Chau, pronounced "chow?" like a question) that isn't quite as mushy as congee and ate it like chicken noodle soup whenever I got sick. I'm vegetarian now and still end up craving it when I'm sick in bed.

Thanks for this vegetarian recipe. I've tried it but am not sure I made it right. I used one 4" piece of kombu seaweed and don't taste it at all. Anyway, it was cool how the top congealed. I love seaweed.

And as to how to make it more delectable for kids, for a sweet version add a few spoons of condensed milk and a dash of cinnamon and nutmeg. Other thoughts are cranberries to match the sour of the plums.

For a salty version, my 17mos daughter just gobbled some up topped with (frozen) cooked carrots and peas mix, soy sauce and chopped nori (the pre-flavored kind). Do your kids like misu?

I have to go try it w/ sesame oil now.


jellie said...

Oh one more thing, when we were small my father alone used to make rice cream for us. This was because he was the 'magician' and he always made us a pot of 'magic potion'. Have you ever read the Obelix and Asterix comic books? We grew up with those and there's a magic potion in the story. We allllways would play pretend and make up these outrageous stories of our incredible strength from our 'magic potion' as we ate it. It was ALWAYS an exciting meal and took us hours to finish. Funny, I had forgotten those days until just now...

jellie said...

Day 2!
This is too much fun to play with.
For breakfast, I reheated a bowl and added some ponzu sauce, chopped nori, rice seasoning mix (sesame seeds, salt, sugar, seaweed... called nori fume furikake), and a bit of sesame oil. The ponzu sauce's citrusy taste really goes well with the plum. Both husband and baby loved it.

Then I made dessert after lunch.
I added condensed milk, cocoa, and cinammon. The texture of the barley made me think of adding cacao nibs but we don't have any handy today.

Thanks for this recipe!!!!
One more thing, my mom tells me that the spelling for the Vietnamese rice porridge soup is actually Chao, with an O not U. Oopsie.

Becky said...

Ok, I'm trying to buy all of the ingredients to try this. I live in Alabama! I found the dry ingredients at a (very friendly and helpful) local organic market. The employee helping me said "oh, are you on the macrobiotic diet?" They may or may not have the plums and seaweed next Friday!
This is my adventure in groceries...

Becky said...

Ingredients update... I finally have some plum paste, but no seaweed! I'm going to order some from somewhere today if possible.

Becky said...

Ok, a trip to Mr. Choi's Grocery and Gift and I have kelp! I think I used too much of it because my rice cream is a bit salty... I'll try again!

Becky said...

I've been enjoying my eventual success with this recipe. I found another really yummy way to use the rice cream - in smoothies. I blended rice cream, probiotic yogurt, banana, organic choc. milk, and ice cubes - super good and a bit like a milk shake! (some chewing required:)

nonchalant mom said...

I love the smoothie idea becky! did you eat the rice cream yourself too? did you try it with the adzuki beans 'sauce' (put through a food mill)? did you ever find the kombu? you can also get all of the ingredients at the kushi store if you go online - www.kushiinstitute.org and click on store. Good luck and keep my updated! - carina