singing.... (in the car!?!!)

YES! a resounding yes! there is a saying about singing every day, and I believe it, I don't remember who said it, how it goes, or what it actually says but it goes something like this... "sing every day, it's good for you!" ah, you know what I mean!

But, when it comes to kids I think that parents tend to think that the latest cinderella cd, or Dora (god, help me!) are what you need for kids to be interested but really... you are driving the bus, not Mickey Mouse for gods sake! Your kids will love the Beatles, Elvis (my sons favorite), or Steve Miller Band (Fly Like and Eagle!) and I promise you that you know the words to Frank Sinatra's "New York" better than you know "Dora's Backpack"! So why not sing along with them and really like it while you are doing it! Your kids will know the difference and there is no better way to de-rail a bad car trip, no matter how long or short.

I have long been a singing-in-the-car kind of girl, what else do you do in Minnesota, in -20 degree weather!!? I amaze my husband by knowing the words to just about any song on an "Oldies Hits" channel on the radio, but it's honestly so much fun with the kids, they love it and sing along with me.

My new favorite is Adele, who was on Saturday Night Live one night, and I immdeitaly ran out (well ran to my iTunes) and bought it! She has a song called "Chasing Pavements" that my son and I really love to Yell/Sing in the car, BUT here is the beauty... he sings "Chasing Cavemen" and it's so much better that way! I laugh just writing it now! It harkens back to Whoopi Goldberg trying to sing the words to "Jumpin Jack Flash..." but she has no idea what they are saying! So now we sing the Caveman song, but he loves it, he is free when he is singing it, and it's fun for all of us.

So leave those kiddie CD's behind and just have some free-falling fun, and if a swear word comes up, just pretend they said something else! Just make it up and have a good time!


karen said...

my family took a car trip from KS to Washington state one summer in my childhood. After driving several miles we realized that we had left all of our cassette tapes at home, so we stopped at a truck stop and bought the Beaches soundtrack. My sisters and I listened/sang to that for two weeks straight and I can still sing every word to every song! My Dad still shutters when he hears it!

lesley said...

Before my youngest started talking she would sing in the car. Her singing was loud almost like crying. One day I turned around and said what is the matter? She was not crying but belting out a song!