Rock Stars Have Parents Too!

The Brothers Jackson with parents

This is the age of the celebrity. Trust us, we here at Nonchalant Mom know firsthand what the idea of celebrity is supposed to mean. But, true to our spirit, we just don't believe in it. It's almost as if it has become a game of us against them - and they always seem so darn perfect... so they must be winning. These celebrities, they must come from another world. NOT!

They are much like you and I. They have Moms and Dads too.... even Grandparents who like to embarrass them on occasion. And, aside from many of todays so-called celebrities - who can possibly get bigger than the Rock Star Celebrities of the 70's? What a fantastical world that must have been (I say so only because I was just a little thing during much of that decade). But, boy, did it look like crazy fun. So, take all that crazy fun and infuse some down home sensibility and it just gets a little.... well..... normal... in a weird kind of way.

Frank Zappa with his parents

Elton with his Mother and Stepfather

Case in point - check out this small collection of photos from Life Magazine's photographer John Olson. It's not a large selection, but it is sure fun. I'm sharing some of them here - but for more go to the Guardian newspaper. We know it's all about the 80's at the moment.... but we're still big fans over here of the 70's music and some of the gaudy decor styles. So, it is fun to see some of the big names of that generation being photographed with their own parents - who, in almost all cases, look very much like nice upstanding citizens.... which is even more funny considering who their outrageous children are. Just take a look at Frank Zappa with his parents - don't tell me you didn't know a kid like that in your school. Or how about Elton with his mother and stepfather - the loving, patient mother perhaps, with the over the top teenager!!! And how about that photo of Grace Slick holding her child upside down.... totally cool.... hmmm. And then there's Donovan with his parents... the sweet boy who might have asked you to the prom - or had his mother ask you for him!!! hah!!!

Grace Slick with her mother and daughter

What it says to us is that, no matter who you are - or who you think you are - there is always your loving mother or father behind you... and more often than not - they are not what you expect - and no way are they going to be ever as cool!

Donovan with his parents