danish teak

I was talking to someone in Minneapolis today and it brought to mind 'Danish Teak' one of my favorite stops when I am in Minnesota. We have a few pieces from Steven Swanson, who opened his doors in 1980 importing Danish mid-century modern furniture here from Sweden and Denmark. Over the years he has moved into a larger space, but he still works on each piece himself. If need be, he refinishes peices to their original petina and they look beautiful! I get a lot of requests for some of the furniture in our home which is from Danish Teak and some other friends who deal in 20th Century Furniture.

I think that these classics are a great way to make your home more warm and comfortable, these pieces don't need to be showpieces, moreover they are an easy way to make your home look more simple, clean and uncomplicated. When we had our first son I wanted to get a comfortable chair for breastfeeding or ultimately a rocking chair, it transpired in a Lamino chair from Swedse (above) which we love but it doesn't rock! If you are expecting may I suggest one of these (below) Hans Wegner rocking chairs...really the Ultimate! (Danish Teak has one in beach wood and one lacquered black, both are so beautiful) they look great and are the most comfortable for...well rocking, breastfeeding, getting your new baby to sleep! it's not easy to find a very cool, comfortable and generally chic rocking chair.

need a new family table perhaps? for your new family style dining (yes, eating out will not be so fun anymore and family dinners are the best way to get everyone together talking about the day and looking at each other and sharing, even if you live in New York City and never thought you would eat at home...you WILL I promise!)This Hans Wegner chair is still in production, it's simple lovely and couldn't add more to a room, in the winter just throw a lambskin on the seat, and there you have it...cozy seating!

I have included some of my other favorites here, like this smart sofa, so ingenious! because who knows...just about everyone I know that has new kids has done some kind of redecorating...it's ineviatble!

good luck and I hope this these images are inspiring.
visit the Danish Teak website here where they have these items available or they also have a section for that has previous items and you can "ask them to get another one like it" and they will!