where does the time go?

so I was reading up on my feng shui and I came upon at interesting item that I need to share with EVERYONE I know...because I know we all have at least one of these in your house...it goes like this: do you have a clock in your house that doesn't work (we had TWO!)? these non-working clocks will bring stagnation (any symbol of dead time impedes progress) to the area of your house/sector that it is located. for example one of ours was in my office! yikes...I took it out, immediately, and I can't tell you how much I got done yesterday! (notice all of the updates to nonchalant mom!)...it just makes sense doesn't it? the other one is in our bedroom...yikes! (which is in the money sector of our house!) I have been looking for the perfect bedroom clock/radio for years now...and we always end up with an Ikea clock that works for a week or so...I threw that one out too! (I'm a little worried about the double stagnation in the garbage can right now). but seriously, I think this is an easy way to move on!

as for the bedroom clock, in my search for an image for this story I came upon this terrific website and CLOCK! click here to visit furni! (clock above)