Baby Powder, Baby Oil, Diapers, Baby Wipes, etc...

We all want the best for our babies. We would like them to be healthy, wealthy, and wise. Well, we can't necessarily promise they will be wealthy, but we can make an effort when it comes to health - and to do this we only have to be a little wise! Here are a few helpful tips for baby care:

1. DIAPERS/NAPPIES: Try and use cloth diapers/nappies if you can. We understand this can take a certain commitment. So, failing that, try to purchase biodegradable disposable diapers/nappies when available. If they are not available at your local supermarket, ask the manager - or purchase them online. Standard disposable diapers/nappies may advertise comfort and nice scents, but when they become soiled/wet the synthetic chemical absorbents, fragrances, and dyes used to achieve these can cause a rash, or even minor burning. It is also possible for these chemicals to pass into the bloodstream. As well, a standard diaper/nappy, if multiplied over the years, is really not a good friend to landfills. Even if you use a biodegradable diaper/nappy, there are those that encourage you to dump the solids in the toilet before wrapping them up and putting them in the garbage!
2. BABY WIPES: The suggestion here is that you look for wipes without chemical scents or synthetic chemical additives, for obvious reasons. Again, any product free from chemical fragrances, dyes, and unbleached or whitened with chlorine bleach, is much better for your baby. What you don't see easily doesn't mean it's necessarily safe. Check the label!
3. BABY POWDER: It is becoming more widely recommended these days to avoid the use of powders. When inhaled the powder can coat the lungs resulting in possible breathing hazards, especially for infants. There are simple ways to get the same effect - most obviously by using a dry, soft towel on your baby. Be aware that Talc-based powders may be contaminated with asbestos. And your average commercial powders may use petrochemicals to achieve that wonderful scent!
4. OILS AND GELS: Many standard baby oil, mineral oil, and petroleum jelly brands contain mineral oil and chemical additives to, again, achieve that nice scent. Much of the time with these brands, petrochemicals are involved (which is based on petroleum) and these can contain traces of toxic chemicals and metals. You can find safer alternatives in Botanical Oils (such as jojoba, olive, or sunflower oil), Herbal Extracts (such as calendula), Vitamins (such as A,C, and E), Natural Soaps (such as vegetable based), and other Natural ingredients like Aloe Vera, beeswax, or soybean. Make sure, though, that if you use essential oils or extracts that you seek professional guidance as some may be to strong for use on babies.
5. Don't be afraid to ask your child's doctor about anything that might concern you... even if you think it might be trivial!