for art's sake!

this is a blog from my friend Karen, an american who now lives in switzerland:
I had this brilliant idea when my baby was just a few months old to page through art books and talk about paintings with her, why not start early? I thought. Right. Now she is like most 'almost' two year olds and can't sit still for more than one minute so I'm guessing that the traditional museum is out. Where does the art come in? ARCHITECTURE! I realized it is the perfect intro to art and it is the maximum of art at the same time so why not start there. We are fortunate to live in the center of Europe and have so many great buildings within driving distance. Le Corbusier is one of my favorites and we've visited a couple of landmark sites with her. Chapelle Notre Dame du Haut in Ronchamp, France Pictures of the exterior and the interior of the building and La Cite Radieuse in Marseille, France La "Cité Radieuse" à Marseille I find it is a great way to let her loose exploring, climbing and touching whatever inspires her and she loves it. It truly is being encompassed in art, far better than looking at a book and she really seems to get that it is something special.

now, we don't all have
Le Corbusier just around the corner, but most states in the US have a heavy amount of interesting architecture too..and this website, architecture 411, will help you find something near you...just type in some of your favorite architects and see what you find, you never know there might just be something great right around the corner!