do you ever wonder when you are sitting there reading your books to your kids, hhmmm this paper looks more than white...yes, it is usually new, un-recycled paper! each year about 20 million trees are cut down for the production of books in just the US alone! BUT let's not complain because you can do something about it, that's where eco-libris comes in...just visit their website here, and choose how many books you want to balance out and they will plant the trees for you! for every book you balance out, eco-libris will send you an Eco-Libris sticker to put on your book cover, displaying your commitment to sustainability and perhaps even inspiring others to become more responsible about their use of natural resources (in case you were wondering - the sticker is made of recycled paper with non-toxic ink… oh, and the thank you note too, and yeah, even the envelope). the website has the full information of when and where planting takes place, they work together with other non-profit agencies to make sure your donation is put to good use! and who knows, with the awareness that is brought on by eco-libris maybe one day all books will be printed on recycled paper! so here is your chance to do something, it's simple and easy and just a click away!