indu...for YOU

no joking headline...this really is for you! I found indu at our local yoga shop and I just can't do without it! and from the moment you take your first deep breath of indu you will be hooked I guarantee it! I think it's the geranium, because I love that scent, but it also could be the lavender or the bergamot...together they create an amazing combination. Marni Task, who is the creator of indu, mixes the lotion while chanting a mantra, (I love the thought of that)...she also told me that along with amazing relaxing properties, the lotion has helped some people with eczema and other skin irritations...I tried it on my sons very mild eczema and it was gone instantly. Marni uses indu while her students are in shavasana, I hope that you love it! it's on my website now click here.