Kick the Can !!

this has to be one of my favorite games to play and I can't wait until my kids are old enough...soon....it's terrific when you are traveling, camping, and visiting families so there are lots of people and it's fun for all ages.

Here are the basics of the game:

1 person is “it” and their job is to protect the can which is placed in the middle of an open space (front yards are perfect)

“It” counts to 50 with his or her eyes closed while everyone else scatters and hides, the can remains in the middle while “it” tries to find the other players

When a hider is found she/he runs to the can and tries to kick it over before getting tagged by "it"

If the player is tagged the game continues, all of the tagged people have to sit near the can and wait to get out of "jail" by someone who comes to "KICK THE CAN", if "it" tags everyone and nobody was able to kick the can then the first one tagged now becomes "it".

so we used to play this every night at our cabin in Minnesota "up north" (if you are from Minnesota, you know what I mean by that). it's the most fun to play at night or dusk, and you can also play with using a flashlight, so "it" would have a flashlight and have to tag people with the flashlight...this is an amazing amount of fun that can last for hours and hours!