tofu made easy

we don't eat tofu very often, because somewhere along the line I was told that it is hard to digest, but when we do I like to use this very easy recipe that the kids always gobble up! I think it's an easy meal for kids when you have next to nothing in the fridge (and I was just reminded of it last night)...

olive oil
1/2 to whole onion (depending on size) sliced into slivers
firm tofu cut into cubes
tamari (I use 1 part tamari to 2 parts water) or you can also use miso diluted into a cup of water

I like to cook with an iron skillet to add iron to our meals

use olive oil to sautee the onion and add the cubed tofu, cook the tofu on medium heat until it browns a bit (this takes awhile) and then add the tamari/water and cook as it browns and serve with brown rice...YUM!