Alternative Healthcare: Acupuncture

I am new to acupuncture and I wanted to share some things that are going on because I am quite amazed by the results. I first went in because I have had horrible allergies/colds since I had my daughter (two years ago!) that's two years of waking up sneezing! I first saw my favorite doctor, dr. warren king, when I was in minneapolis this last summer, he did some acupuncture as well as moxibustion because he felt that my immune system was very low and afterwards I was without a sniffle for about six weeks! he suggested that I seek more acupuncture when I got back to rhode island. I am now seeing the wonderful sanford lee here in providence. he also felt that my energy was low and he is focusing on my core strength. just a little background I want to tell you that during yoga when they said "now lift your legs" I couldn't! after two kids my stomach muscles were gone...or so I thought, I honestly couldn't even hold my stomach in anymore, the muscles just weren't there! I have had three sessions with mr. lee and he is also using acupuncture and moxibustion and my core strength has been awakened! yoga has been totally different, I had almost given up on my stomach muscles and now that strength is there, and I think it's completely fascinating. I am very interested to try this on my kids if they have any ailments and I would be very curious to hear from anyone that has used acupuncture on their kids! mr. lee said that it works very well with sleeping troubles, ear trouble, allergies, and many more ailments in kids... in the meantime I am enjoying a flatter stomach, yes!