sugar cravings? Millet to the rescue!

is there always a place in your day when sweets just make their way into your daily routine? well then, we have something in common...BUT here comes millet to the rescue! this is not a cure-all recipe but I certainly think it can work, and it has worked for me in the past. sometimes sugar and sweets just become an everyday part of our diet, even when we know better! I believe that sugar is a very powerful drug, just think about how debilitating it is to your system, it's long term effects are harmful, yet, somehow we feed it to our children! read the book "Sugar Blues" by william duffy and you will learn much more about how sugar became a daily drug. cut sugar out of your diet and you will find that any PMS symptoms will disappear (even better, cut out dairy as well), if you have frequent yeast infections you are literally feeding the yeast with sugar. sugar is addictive and this recipe can help you fight those sugar cravings!

1 cup millet
1/2 sweet yellow onion
2-3 carrots
1/4 kobacha squash cut into cubes
pinch of good seasalt (si seasalt is great!)
2 1/2-3 cups water

wash millet in water and use a fine colander to rinse off (I usually wash it three times). cut ingredients into simple chunks and put in large pot with millet and water and pinch of salt. turn flame to lowest setting possible on your stove (I even use a flame-tamer) and cook for 45 minutes, if there is still water just continue cooking until water is cooked off, fluff with a spoon and you are ready to go!

you can eat this as a side-dish and it's wonderful with a pinch of salt and toasted seasame oil (this brings out a nice nutty flavor). I even eat it as a main dish! kids love it...and with the next day leftovers you can make croquettes (I would tell you how, but mine never stick together in a ball very well...but it can be done!). but like I said before, you are not going to suddenly have no craving for sugar but you will see it lessen as time goes on and you continue to use this recipe.

you will find that without sugar in your diet, for a long period of time, you will have much more energy! AND your cravings will disappear...