just getting started... holiday gift guide 2012

One of my favorite jobs as a blogger is to write HOLIDAY shopping guides, and to get into the mood I took a look at last years and  W o W  it was good! You can see it by clicking here I did a really good job of finding some unique items... *blush* They are timeless so take a look!

This year with the proliferation of handmade it's become even easier AND harder... to find those unique items. But I have to say, there are a couple of big retailers that did a great job of looking out for unique items and I have to say that my favorite is West Elm.. I'm not sure what happened this last year with West Elm but as I understand it a certain 'someone' took charge and gave it a little change UP. So if you think you know West Elm, take a look now.. They have a terrific West Elm Market for the holidays and I think it's terrific! These are a few of my favorites:

This hose is what I asked Santa for this year! (orange please!)

Swedish sea salt soap - sound nice right!?

just the idea of this seems nice!

Love these... and at $14 PERFECT!
bento boxes for kids lunches

habachi! better than a grill.. WAY better!

cotton napkins.. nice and you can choose your colors! (AND monogram is available!)

bakeware.. my mom just told me that it's not good to use dark color bakeware.. who knew!?
Just to get you started... looking back it's not such a gift list but anyway... love this stuff!

And while you are at West Elm take a look at their furniture and accessories collections.. NICE! (and I promise you I don't work for West Elm and I'm NOT getting a sofa for this blog! :)

happy shopping!

shop West Elm Market here