KIDS :: Gift Guide 2012

This years gift guide is short but sweet... I have a passion for getting each person not really the biggest thing but the RIGHT thing... It's like a mission for me and it's one of my favorite things to do, I take my time and throughout the year I might find something, hide it and save it for Christmas. The only problem is remembering where I put it... (I'll just have to chalk that up to part of the fun). In the past I have found ALL my gifts at flea markets and second hand shops, cleaned them up, dusted them off and found just the perfect thing for; my sister, my mom, my husband... I wonder if they still have those things. Today I have so many talented friends and successful designers that I always go to them for my gifts, it makes them all the more special.

clockwise from top left: Creme Anglaise kids room accessories, Harry Allen chrome pig bank, Jess Brown dolls, kimmel kids stencil set, bobo choses blanket backpack, Fredricks & Mae handmade arrows, twoolies (the bulls are my favorite! what's yours?), MillerGoodman's painted blocks, Kalon Studios hut hut in resin (or walnut.. amazing!)
I actually don't know the people at Creme Anglaise but I love their cute things for kids rooms - they are all nice pastel colors and always look cute! I have to say that the Harry Allen pig has been around for a LONG time but somehow it's just caught my eye and now I'm obsessed with it! The Jess Brown dolls are just the most wonderful, Franny could just as well get rid of all her other dolls and stuffed animals (well, I suppose Jess's dolls NEED some animals to play with!) The Kimmel kids stencils are a rainy day's godsend! Hours of magical stenciling that you want to KEEP when they are done! These arrows by Fredricks & Mae are like a work of art really... they would make any kids room look a whole lot COOLER (period). Our shelves are so much more delightfully happy now that twoolies are running them! The MillerGoodman blocks are glorious - we received them as a gift and let me tell you they look EVEN better now that they are worn and used! Just take a look at what Kalon studios has to offer.. we love it ALL!