FAVORITE THING of the WEEK! 12/08/12

This week we have again TWO favorite things of the week.. one for kids and one for YOU! Both are particular favorites with me..

First for the KIDS:

MAKIE katty vest - unisex in grey or blue was $108 now $80

You know I love vests.. but not just for great they look on kids but how they keep kids just warm enough, without overheating them with a sweater or a jacket! A vest is great for inside and out. This particular vest by MakiƩ is always my favorite, She makes these reversible and easy for kids to wear. They are unisex and work for BOYS and GIRLS! This not only makes them great gifts they are a perfect hand me down! (my kids have been wearing MakiƩ vests ALWAYS!)

Pashmina by Sadhu :: 100% cashmere :: was $220-$298 now $220-$165

And our FAVORITE THING of the WEEK for women (and MEN!!) are these amazing Pashmina Scarves. I found these amazing scarves through a friend and I am so happy that I have met them. They are completely family run, and in an industry that is moving towards machines, Sadhu is moving in another direction. He is nurturing traditional craft techniques and keeping everything woven by hand. It shows with his amazing scarves which are handwoven and hand dyed.

Pashmina by Sadhu - Favorite thing of the WEEk!
Makie katty vests for kids - favorite thing of the WEEk!