last minute croud pleasers (as in... ANYONE would like these!)

There are just some gifts that you know ANYONE will like... and as we get down to the last minutes here -- these are some last minute easy ideas:

a little stress relief scent anyone? this one is AMAZING! ($22)

BEST and most BEAUtiFUL cook book ever - well really it's more visual than just any plain old cook book ($35)

This is the book on the Amazing restaurant in the countryside of Sweden - if you have a meat eater... they will love this!

Faviken dish

inside the restaurant! (wow!)

fresh Spanish inspired cooking!

shadow print neckie scarf - at nonchalantmom $17

gold baggu bag - easy and shimmery, what else!? $120
Clare Vivier - la pochette ($120)

Happy Last Minute Shopping!