inspiration: Pure Vegetarian by Lakshmi

pumpkin & rosemary soup

As the end of the year begins to approach, I start to think about what is up in the coming year. What changes do I want to make in our home, in our exercising, in our food and in our play (oh yes, and WORK too.. but that is for another blog). Throughout this year I have been following a blog called Pure Vegetarian by Lakshmi, it is inspiring, beautiful and it not only gives me ideas on food but life as well (as she speaks about her lifestyle). It is one of the most beautiful blogs I know and distinctly without commercialism, which is so refreshing!

sourdough pan bread with butterbean filling by Lakshmi

In each of her recipes and descriptions Lakshmi talks about the food, it's energy and usually a bit about it's history. It is a quiet blog, it's nice to take time and read through her recipes and text and slowly take in her beautiful images. My favorite posts are the ones which talk about her life, her devotion which many times go beyond the food.

I have only made a few of her recipes, I read through most of them and although they may sound difficult or some of the ingredients difficult to find, I think that you can work each recipe to your own taste. The point for me is to take in the reading, open my mind to a new source of cooking and baking, and learn.

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apple tart by Lakshmi