GIFT GUIDES :: 01 - 2011

I know that not EVERYONE shops from me during the Holiday Season (MOST of you do!), and I'll tell you a secret.... I buy some things from other people too! As always I try to shop small, I was able to find most of our Christmas at our local Waldorf School Holiday Faire. This year there seemed an abundance of Holiday sales all over the place... some very creative names that I loved and one that made me want to hop on a plane out to California! (what WOULDN'T make you want to hop on a plane to Cali!). I am here to give you a few suggestions that I have heard about for online shopping. Then later this week I will give you some ideas on what to get from ME (Nonchalant Mom!).

Top row (left to right): TimoHandmade (etsy shop) Angel ($36), TimoHandmade Custom Family (it's a little late for this... still an idea for next year!?), Second Row (left to right) TimoHandmade Angel ornament, Paloma's Nest-small wood tags, Paloma's Nest-ornaments, Third Row (left to right) Paloma's Nest-Nativity Scene, Undyed wool throws Alder & Co.

Top row (left to right): iFrogz headphones $39.99 (great for kids!), felt wide brim hat OAK $62, Second Row (left to right) TimoHandmade mouse $46, Jane Foster (etsy shop)-Tilda doll $19, Third Row (left to right), Paloma's Nest-kids play table + animal chairs $198, Erica Tanov-sequin necklaces $88 each

Top Row: colorful pearl hem napkins (10 for $60) Adler & Co., Second Row: Aesop ANYTHING! Visit their new store in Nolita or online, gorgeous handwoven pillows ($180) at Alder & Co. and favorite teapot $140 also Alder & Co.

More gift guides to come!!! good luck with finding your perfect GIFT!!