Holiday Shopping in NYC

There are so many Holiday Fairs going on all you have to do is walk the streets to find a little corner where someone has pulled together a shopping experience. We happened upon one on the corner of Mott and Prince (in the school right there on the corner). It was terrific! Everything was very hand-made, there was even a space where two guys were literally pounding out some leather bags and belts! There are about 20 rooms and each room has it's own experience, coupled with a few vintage clothing dealers, throw in a nice little snack area where you can leave your husband and the kids and you have an excellent Holiday Shop! I don't remember everyone but these were my favorites:

three jewelry vendors that had some sweet small jewelry all the way to a woman who is making jewelry out of lego!
one guy who is making his own colorful shoes for men
a few clothing designers (+lingerie...)
a terrific mens store.. lots of good mens accessories in fact!
a kids store
vintage clothing
a fantastic Discover Electronics thing which is hard to explain except that if you are looking for a gift for a 9-12 year old.. this is amazing! (more on this when I write a blog about them later!)

All of this on the corner of Mott Street + Prince in NoLita

Lucky Fish + Tracey Tanner at Chelsea Market

Jann (Lucky Fish) and her friend Tracey Tanner (GREAT leather items) have a Pop Up Shop in the Chelsea Market (downstairs) where you can find super last minute gifts and fun finds for everyone in the family! She will have lots of one of a kind items and don't miss Tracey's terrific leather pieces! (her bright blue and pink leather pouches... amazing!)

Lucky Fish accessories

There are also a nice couple making chocolates right next door to them so you can have a nice hand made snack while  you shop and delight in all the GOODIES!

Fine and Raw chocolate!

Find your sale anywhere and if you want me to post your Holiday Sale just send me an email!

Happy HOlidays!!!