I forgot about these - Gift Guide - Moon Pillows!

Nocturn by Moon pillow

I just LOVE these pillows and have been waiting to talk about them... and then the chance came in the Gift Guide and I FORGOT! So, you lovely pillows that I want SO badly... here is your VERY OWN BLOG!

These moon pillows are the greatest thing for any astronaut lover... at ANY age! (BOY or giRL!) and their mission is right out of a Star Trek episode (I am a Trekkie so this is meant in a loving way!):
ico lab :: We are a design team focused on creating and bringing to life the variety of emotions to our monotone lifestyles. Utilizing the imaginary, illusory and ideal aspects of time and space, we give meaning to the modern peoples lost dreams through our emotional designs. Our projects are based on art, literature and science. Through international collaborations, we are also creating charity opportunities for global issues.

These full moon pillows and floor cushions use a real image of the moon which includes 65 individual farmes of the lunar mosiac images taken from Nates in Western France by astrophotographer Norbert.

there are crazy animal pillows too!

or just animals staring at crazy pillows! rainbow moon pillow!

Their website is fantastical and take a visit! But most of all OOgle over these amazing pillows, floor mattresses and other moon accoutrements... prices range from: $49 - $790 for the floor mattress... love them ALL.

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