You talked and we LISTENED (what a novel idea!) Nonchalantmom up to size 12 year!!

lucky fish sizes 2 year - 12 year!

Makie sizes 2 year - 10 year!

One of the questions on our survey last year (oheww.. was it THAT long ago!) was to give us an idea of what you would like from Nonchalant Mom and overwhelmingly it was larger sizes... this isn't something that works overnight and I had to convince many of the collections that I buy to MAKE larger sizes! I am happy to say that most of the collections that we carry at Nonchalant Mom we now have up to size 12 year! and it's been a resounding success!

So Drumroll please.... The following lovely collections are now available at Nonchalantmom up to size 12 year!

NICO NICO  (size 2 year - 12 year)
LUCKY FISH (size 2 year - 12 year)
MAKIE (size 2 year - 10 year)
ESP no 1 (size 2 year - 12 year)

(and more to come as we convince more people to do this!)

lucky fish up to size 12!

ESP no 1 up to size 12!

In some of these collections we do not have everything up to size 12 but most of it we do!
so take a look and we will keep going with this... TELL US if you like it!

nico nico up to size 12!

Makie up to size 10!

nico nico up to size 12!

shop all of Nonchalantmom here - from size baby - size 12 year!

Makie up to size 10!

makie up to size 10!