iPhone camera attachments to enhance your photos

I am not really a camera geek, I take ALL the photos for my website with a Cannon G10, it's a little banged up but I get amazing results with it! (well, I HOPE you think I do!). Although just like the next girl I would LOVE to move onto a Leica! Recently I stumbled onto this post on T-tablet hotels blog, and what GOOD THING (as martha would say!). These attachments don't cost much (well some of them do) and I think they would enhance the iPhone images just enough to use it all the time!

Personally I don't think iPhone images are good enough, I just them in a pinch but not for travel and family photos, but MAYBE with these it would work. My husband uses ONLY his iPhone and it's a bit frustrating when he gets good shots and we can't blow them up.

Here are some of the details:
Start first with the Olloclip ($70), which is incredibly easy to use. The attachment is about the size of a nickel in diameter and slips snuggly over your iPhone (4 or 4S) lens. Three different effects — fish-eye, wide-angle, and macro — are produced by two interchangeable lenses that come inside a micro-fiber bag, small enough to throw in your pocket. The macro lens produces the most impressive results, though the wide-angle and fish-eye are great for shooting city-scapes and panoramas. If you’re looking to boost your zoom, Photojojo’s telephoto lens kit ($35) gets you eight times as close as a regular iPhone with very little compromise in image quality. The lens also comes with a miniature collapsible tripod to help steady your shots. And for the most serious of iPhoneographers, Photojojo also makes a lens dial ($249), an attachment that embraces retro roots. Turn the wheel to produce either a fish-eye, wide-angle, or telephoto lens. Compared to other add-ons, the price is steep, but the materials are high quality — lenses are made with glass, not plastic, and the case with aircraft grade aluminum.

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