emily ulmer :: springtime special photographs

Even if I have thousands of photographs of my kids from taking them for Nonchalant Mom, I love the ones that other people take, professionals that is.. I am in NO WAY a professional but what I am trying to convey is that even within the quantity of photos I have of my kids it's ALWAYS delightful to have professional photos taken. We first did it when Franny was born and our family of four seemed complete. I could never seem to get a cute picture of her, eyes always closed what have you, then my friend, photographer Robyn Ivy took some photos of our family and I was delighted (and so was Franny apparently) her eyes wide open, smiling and giggling! How do they do that!?

Now, a few years later I asked Emily Ulmer to photograph our kids again. The result, amazing! Beautiful framed photos of the kids which I treasure and LOVE. We made them up as gifts for my husband on his birthday, it was SUCH a great idea! I even got a photo of myself in there (I SO hate photos of myself!) But it was wonderful to see me playing with my kids! Somehow as the photographer in the family I never seem to get into the photos! Does this sound familiar!?
Right now Emily Ulmer is offering a Springtime special:

Spring Portrait Session & Easter Card Special
One hour photo session
25 cards + envelopes
DVD of all high resolution images
Offer ends March 16th!

What ever you do, don't let these moments pass you by, our photos were just taken a few short months ago and all I see are how much they have grown, and how I want to DO IT AGAIN!!