tortoise general store - Abbott Kinney, CA

tortoise general store on abbott kinney in CA

stop stop stop... talking about tortoise general store, NO I can't!! I am SO not cool, and these guys are! if only I could live in LA I would join forces with them OR at least hang out at their store every DAY! (if you want to be cool too you can sign up for their newsletter and then get your information first hand!).

For ME, I would not miss this event: "STRANGE"

last years event at TGS

Naomi Kazama, a crew from the travelling Live screen print group "STRANGE" from Tokyo is visiting Tortoise General Store again!

March 17th (Sat) noon - 4pm @ TGS patio

You can purchase their original organic cotton T shirt ($25 - $35) and print for $5, or bring your own T-shirt and have it printed for $10/piece! (cash only)

Come create your one-of-a-kind T-shirt, sweatshirt, bag, etc!

watch the above video and get an idea of what they do...

I had to learn more about these guys so I took a look at their website and... HELL-O get up and dance!
STRANGE is a live screenprint group, they travel to screen print with YOU. What makes the group so special and comtemporary are not only thier modern Japanese rooted original designs on silkscreen but also the live screenprinting for making of one of kind T-shirt at various events such as shop in shop event, music festivals, and just been on the street.

"People pick up our organic cotton T's body or they can also bring anything to get printed on from home, Choose the screen designs like DJs selects vinals, and print on the favorite spot and the color for $10 per print for bring in items and for $5 with purchase of our organic cotton T-shirts."

They also works on Live PPP (for Print, Paste, & Paint). "It just happenned while printing on the T's. It was like Why not printing on the paper and the wall direct. And made the layer of posters. Then ripped some off, pasted over it, painted on it. It became an abustract piece of art."

OR you can do this:

Tea Ceremony at the Eames House

Tortoise shares news from their friends a the Eames House

"On March 10, 2012, the Eames Foundation will be hosting a very special evening with an authentic tea ceremony and kaiseki dinner celebrating the historic gathering of Charles and Ray Eames with Isamu Noguchi, Shirley Yamaguchi and Charlie Chaplin in 1951.  We are thrilled that the original Tea Master, Mrs. Matsumoto – a National Heritage Fellow – will guide this evening’s ceremony!  All proceeds of ticket sales will fund crucial maintenance on the Eames House."
March 10th, 2012 (saturday) at the Eames House
203 Chautauqua Boulevard, Pacific Palisades, CA 90272

Okay now I am going to crawl off into my little town and have coffee... life seems boring now!

Tortoise General Store
1208 abbot kinney blvd
venice, ca 90291

tel/fax 310-314-8448

1342 1/2 abbot kinney blvd.
venice, ca 90291
tel/fax 310-396-7335