kimmel kids :: crafting community

These are the type of vacation I would LOVE to participate in... crafting together with kids and friends, some sunshine and a REALLY great place... the ACE in Palm Springs, California. Sounds GREAT right... well you can join in too!

WHEN: April 27 - 29, 2012 at The ACE hotel, Palm Springs
reserve by April 13th, 2012
call the Ace Hotel: 760-325-9900 and use code word: CRAFTING COMMUNITY

Here is the scoop: shift gears from the hectic hustle of city life top a poolside getaway filled with craft, recreation and creativity! This simple weekend retreat can boost your engine and relax yourself while you and your kids have fun and make things together with other kids... meet new friends, or bring old friends with you! I love these kind of things because you can throw yourself into a group that you KNOW you will have something in common with, which means fun for all, kids AND their parents!

This little brainchild is put together by Karen Kimmel, she will lead the group along with her talented team for funsters from Yellow Owl Workshop. There is fun and recreation - skateboarding, pool, relay races, obstacle courses and a ping pong tournament! YAY!

Poolside fun kicks off with morning yoga and continues into the evening with a family BBQ, game night and a desert disco - there is story telling planned and lots more fun!

Visit the Kimmel Kids website for more information and details!
But this is a great deal and don't miss your chance for some family FUN!!