hey... where are my blogs!?

You may be asking yourself?... Well, it's a conglomeration of many things that have equaled the total of my blogging absence. But I promise you I AM WORKING! It's just not on blogs, I have a list of blogs to WRITE but no time to write them.. is it the WEATHER, yes a bit (in a GOOD way!). Is it PINTEREST, yes, a bit (in fact if you want to keep up with me in images you can do so on Pinterest - I will explain why...). Is it my KIDS and how much I want to spend time with them... YES a bit... Is it that all of the COLLECTIONS have been arriving so I have been photographing with all my 'spare' blogging time! And it is also a project that I have been working on which is designing a home for a friend of ours (JUST the interiors, whew!... but it's pretty darn LARGE, much larger than our house at least! - but I'm talkin kitchens, bathrooms, etc.. ) it's VERY exciting but since it's not my home I am not sure you will ever get to see the outcome, I will try!

At any rate, life is exciting and every ounce of every moment is filled with "okay, that's done, what's NEXT!?" It's been a long time since I have released my current obsessions on you so I thought NOW is a good time. It's that time of year when maybe you want to start something new, with the new season and all. Since Spring is upon us so early this year, I don't know about you but I have already established my priorities and purchased my BAG and Shoes for the season... (HA! silly you may say but I've got my priorities straight!), or maybe you want to start a exercise regime for the season... or maybe you want to start a whole new life with your makeup.. WELL have no fear, I am here to HELP! :)

the woods behind our home (that's marley our dog!)

Let's start with the essentials... the RUN - one year after I have started and I am still running ONE MILE a day (sometimes I go faster but I just keep it to a mile... lazy I guess) it's perfect, it only takes me 10-15 minutes, I get myself outside and onto the beautiful paths behind our home AND my dog gets a walk every day... we are ALL happy! Somehow it works for me because of the 15 minutes TOPs I spend exercising, I can't seem to spend any more time than that other than the random yoga class here and there (ultimately I would like to do more yoga and just keep up the mile run). I also think it's good for the organs in your body to keep them tone and jumping around, it may not make that much sense to some people but it DOES to me and I love it!

matunuck beach
OR I like to take a long walk on the beach... if I have the time I LOVE our beach! (and so does Marley!!) during the off season it's always empty like this and it makes the walk so refreshing! (dogs are not allowed during the season July - August but otherwise it's fine.

from left to right top row: PRTTY peaushun, Dr. Hauschka firming eye cream, lifespa algae firming serum, lifespa exfoliating cream, Kiehls Rosa Arctica (it's like a cold creme deep moisture for aging skin), Weleda Skin Food (always take this with me for travel!), bottom row: Farmesthetics midnight honey oil for anywhere for anything.. great for bath!, Dr. Hauschka anti aging serum, Britt Beautiful skin for EVERYday, my costmetics are RMS beauty concealer (no chemicals.. you could EAT it!), my perfume Aveda Chakra 4 or whatever I need that day.. energy, mind, power...

I have a whole new bunch of products that I am using now and I think I look YOUNGER! :) Well maybe not but I FEEL like I do and that is what's important. Over Christmas I got a facial, I haven't done that since I was young and it felt terrific. I think I would do this more often if I could. She suggested that I exfoliate in the morning and so far I like that idea. I went to a place in Wayzata, Minnesota called Fusion Lifespa (terrific and using all natural ingredients no chemicals). I use a few things for anti-aging, but my favorite new product is Kiehls Rosa Arctica - its unscented smell is lightly of roses, it's so light you can hardly smell it (why doesn't everyone do that!) but it's perfect, I feel like it's like old fashioned cold cream and for serious dry skin - it's delightful! This last holiday season I had a booth and a holiday fundraiser for the Jamestown Art Center, I was next to the woman who started Farmesthetics and she is a Beautifully amazing woman (she IS beautiful!!) I was delighted to learn a whole bunch from her and I bought a whole bunch of products too! My favorite so far is the Midnight Honey oil, Bath Salts and Vapor Bath Elixir.

As far as makeup goes I have a new-to-me tip for you here, I am sure that everyone has been doing this for a long time and I can only image the toxic effect it has but having my eyelashes dyed is the most wonderful thing I have found... I NEVER wear mascara anymore and I can come out of the ocean and look fine! So all that I use now is RMS concealer and FRESH Passion lip balm... DONE!

Dr. Hauschka Neem Hair Oil, Kinky Curly Gloss Pomade

I have kind-of curly hair, it's irritating, it's not curly it's not straight, so I use anything (natural that is..) to make it curly! I LOVE Dr. Hauschka Neem Hair Oil for everyday and Kinky Curly when I get tired of the neem... both products are terrific and I think that the Neem Hair oil is good for all sorts of hair (I have tried it on my kids and it's great..).

littl by lilit bart voile kurta

Loeffler Randall knot clog

Makie braided leather bag (fantastic!)

On to Spring shopping! I shop from my store mostly so I am wearing Littl by Lilit right now, and these great Loeffler and Randall shoes in silver (if it's a clog, I'm interested but I'm VERY picky and I love these.. nice and slim!) and then one of the NEW MakiƩ bags which I knew I just couldn't do without... the only question is BIG or small!? I have always loved Bottega Venetta but have never been in that kind of shopping bracket so I think it's amazing to have something like this from MakiƩ. And I always have one of our new plainMADE (new at Nonchalantmom) scarves on had because I am always cold!

The newest addition to our family is this great CAR! This will teach you that the girl with her eyes open always finds things... I saw this car at a local gas station with a FOR SALE sign in the window... it's a 1991 Mercedes station wagon (with a jump seat in the back!) 300TE 4 Matic... yes, it's that DREAM car you and everyone else has always wanted... it's in wonderful condition for its 216,000 miles!! (yikes!) let's just say I thank a lot of people whenever I make it to my destination. The kids LOVE it too and it's teaching them to take good care of things and they will last forever. Meanwhile I finally get to say "let's take the MERCEDES!"

what a MESS!

Lately I am busy working on a house design project... so our living room looks a little like this most of the time... So let's make this clear my store has boxes everywhere, our house has papers everywhere... there is hardly any place to go but OUTSIDE, thank god it's so nice out!

New York Times - T magazine

And last but not least I am keeping touch with all things FASHION and coolness via T magazine! Thank you Sally Singer for being so talented and keeping us too cool for school!