playgrounds from Around the WORLD!..

Woods of Net in Hakone, Japan. Designed by Toshiko Horiuchi Macadam.

You may feel that your neighborhood has the greatest playground... I don't know about yours but our consists of two swings a slide and a lookout. Not much you may say, when it arrived about a year ago the kids seems lightly excited, NOW a year later... they just can't get enough of it and it has become a before school meeting place (you can't IMAGINE how fast your kids can get ready for school when they are going to go and play on the playground BEFORE school!). I'm so glad that it has hung on and the kids are still interested and love it!

Today I found this post on 'Flavorpill' (they always just know the great things that are going on...) it has great playground from all over the WORLD and there are some amazing playgrounds out there! So maybe you are on your way to one of these places... now you have a NEW destination... a GREAT playground!

Boadilla del Monte, Spain. Designed by Eduardo Navadijos and Csaba Tarsoly.

Monster footprints in Shenzhen, China. Designed by MAD Architects.

Sculptural playground in Schulberg, Germany. Designed by ANNABAU.

Belleville Park play­ground, Paris, France. Designed by BASE.

Paris, France.

New York City. Designed by Tom Otterness.

Water Playground in Tychy, Poland.

The Blue Whale in Plikta park, Gothenburg, Sweden. Designed by Monstrum.

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