kushi institute mini-getaway

Find yourself interested in Macroboitics but you want to find out more first. Do the principles seem like a mystery to you or too complicated? This is a fantastic chance to take advantage of the Macrobiotic Principle with a special focus on the "Science of Relaxation", soothe your spirit, calm your mind and relax your body. You can UNwind and re-balance in this inspiring program that returns you to your innate wisdom, through sensing, recognizing, and managing the mind-body connection. Explore exciting, rejuvenating processes guided by experienced practitioners, suitable for every age, fitness level and condition.

You can experience a range of cooking classes, experience recipes and tastings designed to calm your nervous system, boost your immunity and bust your stress AND eat daily delicious organic macrobiotic meals all the while! Benefits include reductions in blood pressure and sugar, improvement in overall health, and can prevent, treat and reverse many, major diseases. Learn more about the Feldenkrais Method which is an internationally acclaimed movement program that brings awareness to a range of motion options, balancing the cellular relationship between muscle, bone and brain. Learn more about Ruthy Alon's 'Bones for Life', do some yoga, look into the toning affects of Yoga for your Face! and much more... This is a good chance to meet like-minded people and share in a bit of well-being.

This is an amazing opportunity you can start either Thursday, June 14th or Friday, June 15th through Sunday (for example Friday - Sunday with classes and meals is only $285).  You can add on (for an extra fee, Macrobiotic counseling or even a Shiatsu massage) You can also stay at the center for very low rates. The Kushi Institute is in Becket, Mass.

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and maybe I will see you there!!

Kushi Institute in Becket, Mass.