Aviator Nation... just arrived!

And we had a mini photo shoot with all their terrific t-shirts and hoodies! I say 'mini' because it took all of about 30 minutes! The kids LOVE this stuff, everything about it that is... how soft it is, the colors, the messages! It's all great with Aviator Nation! - It should be up on the website later today so come and take a look! But for now just enjoy the photo shoot! Everything is shown with the ESP no 1 royal jeans (our FAVORITE!)

our first photo shoot with the new braces!! (I thought he would hid them but he was showing them off!)

FAVORITE smiley face hoodie (the sweatshirts have sew-on appliques! so cool!)

hoodie has stripes sew on the front and then 'Pray For Surf' printed on the back

heart hoodie has rainbow heart sewn on the front and LARGE heart on the back!

don't ask me how she knows this pose... but I always get this when we photograph...

new swatch had to be in the picture

smiley face hoodie

your kids will LOVE this stuff... in store TODAY... I hope..!!