surfing around... shopping?

layla sabeena shirtdress!

I don't know about you but I have found myself surfing around and shopping the internet... it's not really deliberate it's more of a drift off... (I know, I know... I SHOULD be working!) but it's as if there is an excuse that is pulling me there.. MOTHERS DAY! I know my family well enough to know that I am going to get a very special breakfast, some cards, lots of kisses and a 'lounge-y' type day. But what I really want is a little special gift... for myself. Because I AM that frugal gal that doesn't go out and purchase everything I want on a whim, I kind of live by that rule "if I'm still craving it after a few weeks, then I'll do it"... and MOtherS day is more of an excuse for me to be selfish (yes, that's the word... selfish!). My kids need shoes but I want to shop for MYSELF!

It's a little boring but each year I get the essentials, a new bra (!!!), a new and different face cream that I have been researching, maybe a pedicure, shoes or a handbag may be thrown into the mix depending on our bank account... you get the picture. Not that you want me to share my bra secrets but here are a few of the OTHER things that I am liking right now (of COURSE some of them are from my own store!!), some are classes I want to take (Kushi Institute - The Science of Relaxation, June 14-17th) and some are just plain indulgent!

I have been unable to find the name of the designer of this amazing 'chandelier' but it's just that AMAZING! (danish I believe?)
lem lem ANYTHING! but this is my favorite!

lotta jansdotter tape measure

I know, I know.. I have ENOUGH bags... but not THIS one! (lotta jansdotter)

found at De La Spada... it's embroidered...

just so you know.. Heath doesn't sell just TILES...!!!

Esque sculptural vases at Heath

Loup Charmont - yes, the 'charming wolf' has something for YOU too!

makie has a great selection of amazing womens clothing too... LOVE this orange jacket!

melissa joy manning.. this photo has been on my desktop since CHRISTMAS!

I want to try this... but haven't yet (I still LOVE RMS beauty) but will try SOON!

Pouf action com'in at ya! - this is from Svenskt Tenn - OH need to go to Sweden for this!!! (yay!)

more great stuff from Lotta! beautiful tape!

my friend angela has a bracelet 'kind of' like this... it's so CHIC (but hers has diamonds.. :()

Heath tiles, great fireplace, Heath lighting... love it all (would get better chairs, no?)
my car keys need a place to land... OH this is NICE!

I have been holding onto this website for a long time, now isn't THAT just the cutest idea!?

yes, at NCM a Clare Vivier bag... could DO!?

it's not OR it's AND this one!!

need lots of these baggu NEON bags (photo doesn't really reflect the neon!)

I use these all the time, so this is not for ME it's a YOU idea!

yes, I KNOW I want one of these for my bedroom! hello porcupine!
Any way you look at it I hope that you have a very special day... remember take care of yourself and make sure you strong in your mind and body and have a GREAT mothers DAY!