Happy Mothers Day!

our tiny garden, it's amazing how much work goes into these suckers... including finding a llama farm not far away for compost!

my herb pots - and my 'compost' garden where I plant my compost which we throw our seeds in together with everything else so that in the end it's a mystery to see what grows...??
We were so busy yesterday working in the yard that I completely forgot to wish everyone a Happy Mothers Day!! I hope your day was delightfully great and everything you wished for... and if it wasn't I'm there with you... I got to work in the yard/garden all weekend, actually I LOVED it and my wonderful family made me breakfast, which was delicious! So after the weekend I am totally pooped! But in a GOOD way.

My favorite part of mothers day is the way your kids want to do everything for you! When I left to go out and work in the garden my son was SO surprised that I was going to WORK on a day like Mothers Day, I think he thought I was supposed to lay in bed and eat truffles all day! (nice idea though..) Instead my kids were very helpful and I held the 'it's mothers day' over their heads at every turn... as in "it's mothers day, will you put some dirt in that wheelbarrow and wheel it over here!" and you know what... IT WORKS!

Hope you had a great day!! and now we move onto FATHERS DAY!

LOVE  - carina