as if you needed help shopping...

It's almost hard these days NOT to get roped into these shopping sites where they pull together items for you and show them off -- at a discounted price of course. There are some crappy ones out there, but in the same breath there are some really wonderful ones that I think are fun and even if you don't shop you can see what's out there.

One of the biggest and most popular is Gilt Group - and I started with Jetsetter which I am hooked on to dream about places I want to go... I don't often go but there is a time in my day that I like to just.. d r e a m and take a vacation in my mind, then I go to Jetsetter. But the Gilt group also has shopping, which I have signed onto somehow in the last few months and they have some nice things at discounted prices.

My favorite is Uncovet.com, they are a carefully curated one of a kind items that are sometimes vintage sometimes not... at discounted prices. Whoever is curating always does a good job of finding unique things, bravo!

Fab.com is also pretty energized with very cool and interesting things.. they seem to be totally in the know.. there seems to be a random selection of home, clothing, etc...

Edition01 is quite good for clothing - they have big names create things just for them... (or at least I think that's how it goes)

of a kind - this shopping site offers a limited number of items, so if you are into the unique you might like this site...

all fun, just more ideas on making shopping fun!

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