favorite summer shoes!

I love these shoes and so many people have been asking me about them lately so I had to write a blog... here you go... they are from DNA Footwear in Brooklyn... they are only $59 - $69 bucks! and a real favorite... I will have to tell you a little story that goes along with them, and it goes like this.

Many years ago (1990's to be exact..), my sister Linda and I were in Paris, we get crazy when we are together... I think ALL sisters do that right? well we are no different. We walked our feet off looking at EVERYTHING and hardly stopped (if I remember correctly we were antique hunting for her newly built home, what a chore... NOT!). By the second day our feet we just DEAD... and we saw one of those 'healthy" shoe stores (I believe they are for older people and nurses, but there we were). It was like we had met HEAVEN we sat down and had millions of shoes in front of us, we each walked out with 2-3 pair of shoes by the German shoe company Worishofer, I have coveted them ever since! When we saw each other wearing them we would say "I still have mine too!" and they have forever meant comfort. BUT I have never seen them in the US until now...

These are the most comfortable shoes you will OWN - hands down! and not so bad looking.. right!? DNA footwear has many colors and styles for you to choose from but be careful and be practical, I promise you the snake is not so... great... so just keep it to black, red.. if you are crazy and whatever else... And you can think of me and my sister in Paris when you wear them!

DNA footwear - shop online here.