new eco-kids! + contest!!

I am so happy to have this new line of hand made finger paints and play-dough, both in 5 color tubes, which are FANTASTIC! They are called Eco-Kids cause that's what they are... We took the play-dough with us on a car trip and we couldn't stop playing and making things and I sat in the front seat just kneading away at the stuff. I realized that it made my hands super soft and smelling great! (not that normal playdough smell...) maybe a touch of rosemary!? or is it the vitamin E oil? At any rate I love these guys and love what they are making!

vegetable colors that are amazing!

finger paints - color become VIBRANT when you add water!

SO as a special introduction we are offering a tube of playdough and a tube of fingerpaints! Just make a comment here and we will pick a lucky winner! (okay, so I have never done this before but I thought I might give it a go... so if you like the idea tell me so otherwise tell me that it's NOT a good idea! ha!)

I know you will love these, they make great gifts and it's always good to have some on hand! They come in eco-conscious corn starch jars that are perfect for re-packing and taking with you anywhere!

so have fun with ECO-KIDS! - click here to find on Nonchalant Mom