NYT Food magazine

I finally got a chance to read last weeks NYT magazine on Food and Drink, did you? It was full of terrific information about what's going on with food today, a bunch of history and recipes... an amazing recipe section in fact by Mark Bittman (of course it was Amazing!) - he took a dinner party and made it four ways: Mediterranean, East Asian, South Asian and Latin American - the same meal plan for each! (drinks, desert and all!) I learned how easy it is to make Horchata! and a bunch more...

Sam Sifton had some good things to say about why it's good to eat together at the table, then he went a step further and photographed nine families eating dinner together and asked them about their dinner, terrific! Here are a few facts that I liked: "Children who eat with their families have stronger vocabularies than those who do not. They do better in school. They are less likely to suffer from obesity. Family meals prevent teenage pregnancy. They are bulwark [nice word usage, it means: any person or thing giving strong support or encouragement in time of need] against depression". And my personal favorite: "Those who eat chicken around a table with kin tend not to sneak off to the park later to huff paint".

One of my favorite sections was "Mysteries Solved, Riddles Explained and Readers' Questions Answered" by Michael Pollan... terrific! I know a lot about food by most of this I didn't know if it was true or not... Michael demystifies this for us, thank you! "Is frozen produce as nutritious as fresh? What must government do to make healthful food as affordable as it's evil counterpart? How can you tell if food is genetically engineered? You will have to move to Europe or Japan for your food to be labeled with this information... or just buy organic, the USDA rules that organic foods must prohibit genetic engineering (whew!).

So, you get the picture... if you are going to read one issue this year.. this is the one to read!

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here's my tip, just get the Sunday NYT, this way you get the magazine, you get T, and it's just about enough information for you to consume in a week, plus you have paper to start your fire, on hand!?