scosha - friendship bracelets

sometimes when I see new things for the shop I just get crazy over them... and this is one of those cases! I met these guys at the last Designers & Agents show in NYC, Schosha Woolridge who is Australian by birth and now lives in Brooklyn. I knew when I saw her pieces that they would be perfect for everyone! I honestly want to give them to all my friends... isn't that what a friendship bracelet is all about? So we decided to share a special price:

10% off for 6 or more...
15% off for 10 or more...
20% off for 15 pieces or more...
(not to be combined with other sale or special offers)

These delicate little pieces make great gifts for the holiday season for just about anyone, they are completely unisex! (but there is even a 'larger' style that is perfect for guys!) - I like to wear them together with the friendship bracelets that I already have, or just beautiful stacked with three, four or more together!

Get some for yourself or share them with your friends! prices range from $26 - $89!!

Shop Scosha at Nonchalant Mom here!