diane keaton for bed bath and beyond?

WHAT? yes, I said the same thing... but they look pretty nice! I have not seen these things in person but I am always one of those people who is looking to change my bedroom with the season, so I am in need for a change and maybe this is it! It's pretty darn tasteful, as Annie Hall should be, but I can't help but think... does the younger generation of consumers relate Diane Keaton? So here I think to myself, I better get these goodies now because they may not be around long! (tell me this hasn't happened to you). This must be Bed Bath and Beyond's version on Missoni!?

Diane's philosophy, in which she says, "Remember driving by all those barns standing on the side of a country road. Remember the white washed wooden patina - each one an individual, but also an inherent part of the American landscape too. A simple life. My duvet collection offers the warm feeling of those great old barns, but most of all the dream of home, your home." Did she really say that... probably not, but I still like them... no way getting past that!

shop for the Diane Keaton bedroom collection here at Bed Bath and Beyond

you can get her design inspired dinnerware too!


Anonymous said...

If it wasn't designed by a famous actress, it would get no publicity. Albeit, it is a functional, minimalist, monochrome line of housewares. Pretty much your standard type of stuff that Crate and Barrel and Pottery Barn sells. I was expecting something far more offbeat, quirky and evocative of a signature cachet from someone as unique and utterly fascinating as Diane Keaton. Right now I'm watching her interview on Charile Rose and she is FASCINATING utterly charming. She is a talented photographer, raconteur, great actress but as a housewares designer it is just run of the mill, average shopping mall fare - I was expecting something more bohemian.

Anonymous said...

I hear what you're saying, anon, and yet true bohemian can't be mass-marketed: I think she's offering a quiet, tasteful background against which one's own individual pieces could shine, and I love the fact that the cups have handles to fit a comfortable four-finger grip - I also went from watching her Charlie Rose interview to looking to see her 'line' and I like it a lot.