halloween - some ideas... via Real Simple

couldn't get more simple than this....
I promise not to get into this too much as I am sure that you are already over your head into Halloween, but I got an email from Real Simple that outlined some easy things you can do at the last minute... and if you are like most people it's ALL last minute! (I haven't even got the FABRIC yet!). We do carve pumpkins each year, but this year, to avoid sagging pumpkins on Halloween, we will make them later on this week. I saw a very cute one with ping pong eyeballs but I can't seem to find to photo at the moment.. I will keep looking! But these... I can think of a few ideas with this basic and easy premise:

As for costumes, these are pretty cute ideas and don't take much work!
what an angel!

take coffee filters and tape them to hangers bent into the shape of wings (or just use old fairy wings!)

in case you can't see close up that's a nipple on a pink bottle cap! (+ felt ears)

raining cats and dogs!
more pumpkin decorating here

Don't forget to send us your photos and we will do another Halloween costume contest this year!! Send them to me at: carina nonchalantmom com



FanFamFun said...

i always had the best costumes when i was a kid. i think the best was a basket of dirty laundry. i took a plastic clothes hamper and cut leg holes in the bottom and added suspenders to hold it on my shoulders. filled it with clothes and made a hat out of a laundry detergent bottle. i cant wait until next year when my kids will be old enough to tolerate the crazy costumes i have planned. x

SmartBear said...

Love the pumpkin ideas! And I love Real Simple magazine.