musical inspiration..

It all started with T magazine, I began to get interested in music again. Somehow in each issue they mention a band here or there as inspiration and I think, hhmmm I'm going to have to give them a go, and I have made some good music choices lately, thanks to T. I love how T is never inspired by movie stars, but much of the time it IS inspired by everyone else in the world! (not to mention every PLACE in the world!). Sally Singer I love you! (that's not music, that's editor)

Along with the T inspiration I figured that needed to ask my old friend Wayne what his music inspiration was right now. Wayne is a California guy at heart, but found himself in New York City for too many years, then ejected himself off to work in Italy for the past few years. Wayne knows more about music than anyone I know, and his taste is pretty out there, but most of the time he hit's it on the head. He is also the best Graphics man I know (he created the Nonchalant Mom website back in 2004 and it still works for me!). So without further A-do, here is Waynes current music list, he didn't say much about anything, except to say that it's mostly new music (he used to be very into old stuff, lots of jazz). I left it in his stream-of-consciousness kind of text because that's the way he is:

LANA DEL REY-VIDEO GAMES out in oct, Anna Calvi, john maus, Richard Buckner, wooden shjips, Benjamin Biolay, the war on drugs, chris smither (folk), Amina Alaoui (ECM), Anouar Brahem (ECM). Richard Galliano-Luz Negra. Rediscovered Violent Femmes-Hallowed Ground yesterday. All bert jansch from 60s, early 70s and 2000s (bert jansch, last cd black swan is excellent and his first simply called bert jansch is a classic).

I am sure that everyone is more tuned in than I am but I had not heard of ANY of these bands, I went through iTunes and ended up buying just about every one (except for the Violent Femmes, not into that but hey... I'm sure it's great) and I feel pretty good now thank you!

thanks Wayne! I am going to ask him if he will keep us in the loop every once in awhile, I have begged him to start a music blog... but I can't seem to get him to do it. COME ON Wayne!