lem lem... back to school... for me!?

lem lem Fall 2012 collection

I know that you are all concerned with back packs and lunch boxes, tennis shoes and rubber boots, but I just thought you 'might' want to take a moment to check out something for yourself... from Lem Lem! I am really crazy about this new collection and while I want to take every piece... then you wouldn't get any! so go ahead and dig in... then I will too!

gojo easy top

mera scarf
Lem Lem is not the typical collection that would come to mind for Fall, but they came up with a doozy... They readied their fine looms with the finest of Italian merino yarns and the result is an amazing Fall collection that is soft and cozy, delightfully lofty, and filled with deep rich colors that only Lem Lem can spin off their neon brights. Some of the scarves create an almost denim look when they warp the looms with cotton and then the weft is merino, the result is a deep slightly more structured look (this is the mera scarf). And don't be afraid of the percentage of acrylic, it's the neon thread, you can't get that neon color with natural thread.

azmera scarf

ayana scoop top

They approached their woven pieces with the feel of a knitwear; think sweaters, vests, coats and shawls! Each with their distinct color combination's which are rich with warmth and sophistication. Our model is wearing silk/cashmere underpinnings by Lutz & Patmos, but these pieces look perfect with just about anything (even a t-shirt!).

langano smock

bernere blanket wrap, worn as scarf

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