Do you remember when this split toe Nike shoe came out (maybe it was in the 90's - I remember being in Italy and it became all the RAGE) I was certain then and I still am that these were made by someone who has bunions... or maybe Nike hasn't figured that out yet... anyway, if you have bunions, like I do (that's my feet above) your feet will feel delighted to wear these shoes!

My bunions are one of the main reasons that I love yoga, I am constantly checking my stance (and it's probably why I like Iyengar so much) and making sure my big toes are straight (it's not easy if you have bunions, you have to concentrate on it!) - I thought it would come down to a book one day that I could write... I have solved the problem of bunions... YOGA! Well it hasn't made them disappear, but I think that they do not cause me to much hassle because I do yoga. And I hope that I will not have to have surgery or have trouble walking like some of my cousins and aunts.

The fact is, they run in my family. I know, I know... everyone says they are from my shoes, or sugar (macrobiotic) or what have you... but honestly they just run in the family. I would like to add here that they could run in the family because the people in our family that have them are a little crazy for sweets, but I am not going to go down that avenue...

In Macrobiotics they suggest that these bunions are from sugar, which I can tell you, when I eat a lot of sugar my bunions become inflamed and red... so yes, sugar is NOT good for them. But they are not going to go away if I do NOT eat sugar, it's too late for that and I think it has something to do with my constitution. The other time that my bunions get aggravated is when the weather changes drastically, in a humid direction that is... so I could be a weather girl instead of a shop owner... hhhhmmmm??

At any rate I would like to offer these delightful Nike shoes to you if you have bunions and tell me what you think, it's wonderful to have a shoe to keep your toe in-line and straight. I honestly feel great in them and I also run in them (which is NOT suggested but feels great for me!) - not the most attractive shoe I can imagine, the black lace does this shoe no favors, but hey... maybe Nike will let me design a pair for them?? that's a good idea, no!?

get your Nike - it's called The Rift - black w/neon pink soles from Nike here (I didn't find them in ANY stores!


minor de:tales said...

Very interesting read! I use to do yoga for a time when I was living in Copenhagen and it was THE best form of exercise for me. I loved the from of yoga that we practice but forgot the name, and I have been looking for that type of yoga for awhile down here in Australia.

It was Iyengar yoga! I loved how you focused on your different stances for a longer period of times and how important it was with having your toes aligned! Something that was a bit difficult for me since my toes naturally goes inwards, but boy was that a good practice for them. I will take it up again and I will definitely have a look at those Nike shoes.. they look perfect for me.

Iman said...

I love you a lil' more for posting a picture of your feet. Awesome!
I also suffer from this problem, definitely a family thing.
I will have to check these out, although I don't know how I feel about the camel toe look ;)

Ali Kraus said...

I couldn't agree more! I have a collection of nike rift's dating back to when they were released! My 2 favorite pairs are patterned (one is a blue chinese print and the other is a neutral metalic camoflage) that are fantastic. I have found the more interesting patterns on ebay! I love them as well as yoga and think both are incredibly helpful. I have even spoken to some of my yoga instructors who have suggested specific poses to do at home to help realign things! Although.... I had no idea about the sugar ( I follow the "Eat Right for your blood type" lifestyle) and have never heard that sugar can inflame them. Thank you so much! I love your web, blog and everything Nonchallant offers! Let me know if you design a pair of rifts. I'd love to buy a pair!