of A kind

I was brought to this website via Clare Vivier, who made a lovely wallet/type thing for  'of a kind' (long since sold out) - as in one of a kind... they ask their favorite designers to make something specifically for them and then they sell it to YOU the audience! These are a unique list of designers, so they give you the story behind them... how they came to 'of a kind' and explores their mission. I think it's a great opportunity for everyone, we win because we get to see these lovely things that they come up with, the designer wins because they are introduced to bevy of new customers and there you go - the American dream in action!

Today I got an email for The Fete collection necklaces by Alyson Fox, which I love... they have that quirky color/shape thing going on that I love... and they look super stacked with many other necklaces (maybe even one of my nonchalant mom necklaces!?) - sign up for their mailing list now and get some great tips-offs on some fun designers that are making GREAT things!

click here to visit of a kind