ssshhh... don't tell anyone!

I know it's a 'family' weekend and all but I can't wait until tuesday to get back to WORK and blogging and all that... so I am taking a quiet moment, everyone is outside and they still think I am making the banana bread. I cranked up the music (found a nice mix via T magazine - spin city - pretty kooky but doing the trick) and taking a moment to unwind. I don't know about you but our kids were supposed to be back in school LAST week, but due to Irene they are starting Tuesday, that false start somehow threw our family for a LOOP! I have collections rolling in each week and my husband has a show coming up in Houston, TX so he is painting his butt off in his studio... and then the kids are home, they have had enough of summer, they can't wait to see their friends again at school and the bickering has started between two kids that usually get along like best friends!

To remedy the situation I took out our tent last week, we put it up in the back yard and it gave the kids a bit of a distraction while they kitted it out with their toys, sleeping bags, cranked up the battery-less flash light, books to read, it was all set! Since my husband and I are ALREADY exhausted we decided to take turns sleeping in the tent with the kids so at least someone got a good night's sleep. It was a great idea in the end and led to barrels of fun, telling stories and playing games with flashlights. While my husband and I exchanged text messages after they went to sleep, texting has turned into a love letter writing for the two of us and I don't know about him but some how that little phone gives us a minute to thank each other, give each other ideas, and just basically be nice to each other... I don't know what we would do with out it! (god, does this mean we don't know how to communicate!?... who cares.. this works!)

I took a moment to flash through some of my favorite blogs, T Magazine, Bloesem, Pretty Mommy, etc.. and found that most everyone is 'on vacation' for one reason or another so I don't feel so bad... see you soon and have a great Labor Day weekend!

I'm looking forward to TUESDAY!