NYC - Spring 2012 Kids shows...

yes, I am in New York now... LOOK at this magazine selection... LOve it!

It seems like I've been away for a long time and it was only a weekend... I missed you! And I thought about you a lot, I tried to blog from 'the road' but every time I tried to load the post it said "image upload failed" any of my fellow bloggers out there can give me advice on this I would be much obliged!? I was in New York for the kids collections and it was so very fun and inspiring, everyone was up and excited even if the US economy was on the supposed edge all weekend, everyone the kids shows were ready for a strong market. Contrary to the last season, Spring 2012 had the shows pumping, stores writing orders, much a-do about delightful kids clothing and accessories! I am going to need a double size store to take care of all of this amazing stuff! I'll give you some highlights but out of respect for the designers I am not going to show photos.. yet....

MakiƩ's collection was fantastic... she poured over her sewing machine and dyed her own colors, her creative juices must have been working in overtime! ... can't wait! But her Fall collection, of which I came home to another big box of today, is no slouch! I know you will love it! Online this week... I promise!

Nico Nico - she has outdone herself yet again.. Sue Tsai is my hero - She promised me that Fall will be shipped next week so it will be in store soon... it is hands down my favorite collection... EVER! neutrals with BRIGHT cobalt blue.. she hit it on there mark and it will be here very, very soon! Her Spring 2012 collection was on the mark as well, so much fun and creative.. love it!

Color was EVERYWHERE! lot's of it... together with neutrals.. I really like it that way!

these are not the exact shoes.. forgot to take photo.. they are even BETTER!

I finally broke down and bought Bensimmon shoes, HAD to, they were so darn cute, in my favorite color now BRIGHT FLUORESCENT YELLOW!

Everyone had beautiful things to show and I can't wait, but first... Fall 2011 will be strolling in the store in the weeks to come so keep watch and make sure you get your favorite things!

for now... shop THE SALE and get some good deals on EVERYTHING!!