2011 Macrobiotic Summer Conference

my gorgeous niece Stephanie, you can look this beautiful too if you eat macrobiotic!

Last week was the 2011 Macrobiotic Conference, I was not able to attend the whole conference but my sister and her daughter were there to give me highlights, it was a huge gathering (attendance was up!) and everyone was as enlightening as ever! With over 30 subjects to choose from EACH DAY of the conference (which was three days) it was an abundance of information and cooking demonstrations and exercising and more... much more! My sister is a big fan of the cooking demonstrations so she loved Yuji Yoshino's Japanese Macrobtiotic cooking demonstration and of course Michio's lecture which is always incredibly inspiring and charismatic, he always makes me realize why I love macrobiotics so much, and this year his lecture was called One Healthy Peaceful World (which is the meaning of Macrobiotics!) and boy does our world need a bit of that today, do you think that there are some unhealthy eaters out there?

If you would like to check out the various classes you can buy the CD's and listen to them at your leisure.. (I love to do this, for long car trips and such). I got: Empower yourself with Daily Self Diagnosis by Warren Kramer, Explore and Balance Your Chakras for Harmony of Life by Susan Krieger, and of course Michio Kushi's lecture, I will write more on them when I listen to them!

In the coming year I will do my best to bring some of the lecturers to Nonchalant Mom and they can give you an infusion of enlightening information that may bring you a bit closer to Macrobiotics for you and your family. If you want to take classes or visit the Kushi Institute in Becket, Mass. please visit their website here.

click here to visit the Kushi store to buy CD's here
click here to find out more about the Kushi Institute

steamed squash, brown rice/barley (w/sesame seeds), pickled cabbage, steamed mustard greens/kale, white beans & kombu and a delicious muffin (can't remember how/what it was made of...)