NYC - July 2011 - travel guide

McQueen exhibit at MET
the LINE for the McQueen exhibit sunday morning at 8:30am!

I'm not really sure how to title these posts but sometimes when I go to New York City I feel like it is a particularly inspiring trip and I see exciting new things that I want everyone to see! This trip had a few highlights that hope that you will be able to see and visit. Top of the list was the McQueen exhibit at the Met, since it is closing on Sunday, August 7th I am not sure that you will be able to see it but you can go to the Met's website and go through the exhibit with Andrew Bolton (the curator) via a video by clicking here. The exhibition took my breath away, I waited 2 hours in a very long line, but everyone was intent that it was not a waist of time and we were all rewarded... when I entered the first room I felt the tears well up in my eyes it was so beautiful and this talent was now gone. I don't think I have seen anything so breathtaking. (The Museum will offer extended hours during the exhibition’s final week. On Thursday and Friday, August 4 and 5, the exhibition will be open until 9:00 p.m. On its last two days—Saturday and Sunday, August 6 and 7—the exhibition will remain open until midnight. After 9:00 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday, visitors may enter the Museum through the 81st Street entrance only.)
NYC girl via sartorialist

NYC girl via Sartorialist

NYC girl via Sartorialist

The New York street were filled with girls in little dresses, cinched with belts at the waist or like one young lady in a black/white polka dot dress with a fluorescent yellow sash! They all looked so lovely and put together, it was only the tourists that had on shorts and tank tops... (even the europeans!?). Smart looking older men who were up early in the morning, walking fresh and straight, so well groomed and handsome with a yoga mat trailing out of their backpack! I love New York at this time when only the die-hards are in the city, and they somehow epitomize it.

the fat radish

Here are some places to visit on your next trip to NYC:

THE FAT RADISH - possibly the best meal I have had in a very, very long time and the gorgeous young lady that was our waitress... she was amazing AND nice, where do they find them? The atmosphere is just about a notch above perfection, casual, easy and not screaming anything in particular.

sue tsai of nico nico with me at dinner

The Fat Radish is located on the Lower East Side, but I will call this the LOWER Lower East Side (or LLES) because it is on Orchard Street just above Canal, and I thought the LES was cool this part of the neighborhood is like something out of San Francisco, clean store fronts and streets. Don't miss Project 8 just up the street, an amazing store and there are others in the same block...

Sue Tsai of Nico Nico stayed at the Mondrian Hotel in Soho, she said it was perfectly placed and I would have to agree, next door to Jil Sander, DeVera and Opening Ceremony it's on a fairly quiet street, but you are still in the center of it all, it's located at 9 Crosby Street (just above Canal).

Hampton Chutney Company - on Prince btwn Crosby and Lafayette

Some other things I saw/noticed:

-When you are hungry and don't want to make a big deal of it.. don't foget Hampton Chutney Company. I never leave the city without a dose of their delicious Chai (on Prince btwn Crosby and Lafayette).

-Even though it was SUPER hot in the city, many of the nicest places did not have AC blasting... I loved that, just comfortable enough, when it's hot outside there is nothing wrong with being warm, it's something akin to preserving the dead when it's freezing cold in some places (it's completely un-healthy).

-Priorat wine... we tried a couple and they were delicious! From Spain and good for it!

-Peasant - when you can't get in anywhere on a Saturday night, just walk down the stairs to the wine bar at Peasant, on Elizabeth Street.

PERFECT summer shoes from Bu & the Duck

-I managed to pick up these PERFECT summer shoes for Franny at Bu and the Duck - they are on sale for $50 - there were just a few left - click here for their link. (hint: if you tell them I sent you they will know which shoes you are talking about!)

Akiko... she is the BEST!

-Akiko, who works for MakiƩ, she is so chic and she also makes extremely lovely jewelry!

summer beach blanket from Steven Alan
-These great, giant blankets from Steven Alan, I have been eyeing them all summer long and finally just broke down and got one when I saw these perfect colors (they are ALL different) only $58!

Thank you NYC, you are such a great adventure each and every time I visit... I can't wait for my next trip!!