backpacks and The best of the BEST (2011)...

stripe fleece (soft!) backpack by Pocketo! $58

It's that time of year when everybody goes crazy for backpacks... funny enough, lately I have collected a few that I thought looked great! These are not necessarily for kids so check sizes if you are getting them for kids, and if not check sizes anyhow...

classic english country leather satchel $195
Really my favorite is the Kanken by Fjallraven, I meant to offer them in Nonchalantmom but I never followed up on my order, so no bags this season, let's see if I can get on it for next season! But in the meantime a few have popped up... and they are pretty darn nice!

stripe fleece classic backpack by Pocketo $58

classic english countryside satchel - $195 (or large size $215)
Fjallraven Kånken - $65 (or kanken mini $45)

Chester Wallace $165

The Chester Wallace is more of a messenger style, but super chic! (maybe too chic for kids... no!...) it's made of waxed canvas, so it's waterproof to boot! (because the company is from Portland!). Visit their website here to find out more or buy them here.

the Chester Wallace in action...
The Herschel Heritage backpack ($89)

Quite possibly the back packs my kids will be toting this year are these delights from The Herschel (maybe not the 'heritage' but the more simple one below), a family company that quite possibly builds the finest backpacks, at least the most classic ones I have laid eyes on in a long time!
The Herschel - the Settlement ($70) - notice the very cool brass zipper on this one!

The Herschel - classic ($45)

The Herschel - survey ($50)

What's backpack will YOUR kids be toting this year.... come on... tell us!