new times... new thoughts...

Spring collections are beginning to trickle in... and we are so excited! This season I tried to focus not necessarily on what you need, but what you really want. This may not sound like a big change, but in my mind it's a really B I G change... here's my thought... I have always focused on essential things that are made well, I try to stick with made in USA when I can, but if I really love it, I just gotta have it in my shop. But I think things are changing, there are places that I can get those essential things, I would like to bring you the things you really WANT, things you can't stop thinking about, and maybe it's not so necessary but it's fun to have. Let's face it, we all have enough stuff.. I don't want to just add to that stuff, I want the things in my shop to be something you treasure!

As I went into the shows for Fall collections recently I have this in the forefront of my mind even more, I found some wonderful things that you will love and treasure, and as usual it's not fashion - because I don't believe in that word, I want my things for long term - I want to follow my own path and love my style and I surely don't want it to be in 'fashion'. I hope you think this way too!